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Refinishing floor is a challenging task and requires an expert, there are many things that can and do go wrong, dust is minimal as we use the BONA ATOMIC DUST Containment SYSTEM which reduces the dust by 95% to 100%

Sanding and refinishing is done to new and existing floors,

when buying a new floor and you can not find the color  or look you like this will give you a larger selection.

old flooring can be restored whether you just need a new color or the existing finish is worn out

solid and some engineered floors can be refinished

we have refinished solid  floors that are up to 100 years old

sanding and finishing is a time consuming and a tricky job,done right it will transform a worn out floor

and add decades to its life, costs about 25-30% of a new floor

Prices starting from $2.50 sq ft including materials